IML Resistograph MD300
IML Resistograph MD300
IML Resistograph MD300

New: IML Resistograph MD300
Light hand drilling instrument for preliminary investigations of trees

IML Resistograph MD300   (MechanicalDrill)
Measuring instrument for basic appllications

The IML Resistograph MD300 is a driling instrument working purely mechanically that does not record a measurement curve, neither electronically nor mechanically.
The user ‘feels’ the result and can read the penetration depth on the
300 mm scale. Often an abrupt and fast penetration is perceptible when the instrument detects a rot zone. Even the annual rings of conifers can be noticed.

IML Resistograph MD300

  • Light hand drilling instrument for preliminary investigations
  • For detection cavities, rot, cracks and remaining wall thickness
  • Cost-saving measurement instrument for preliminary investigations
  • Easy measurement of the drilling and penetration resistance thanks to direct reading of the drilling depth on a scale of 1:1
  • Results directly on the spot
  • Fast and easy handling

Technical data:

  • Available drilling depth 300 mm
  • Diameter of the drilling needle:
    - needle tip: 3,0 mm
    - needle shaft: 1,5 mm
  • Drilling depth is shown in cm at a scale of 1:1
  • Drill spindle for external commercial drill:
    diameter 12 mm

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